10 Facts about Jakarta Travel Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

Jakarta Travel Tips – Jakarta is a noisy and chaotic metropolis, and there are cautions to be aware of as with any large urban center. It can also be lots of fun if you know what you’re doing. Here some Smart Travel Tips for visiting Jakarta.

1. Customs and Etiquette

Indonesians are laid-back, yet there are some dos and don’ts to be aware of so as not to offend. Shoes should always remove before entering temples, mosques, and even some shops. Ensure shorts and skirts cover the knees when in town, avoid pointing, and don’t eat with your left (toilet duty) hand.

Also avoid kissing in public with your partner or local and keep any temper in check, even in the most trying of situations. Jakarta is not tip-heavy, although a gratuity at a non-service-charging restaurant and the rounding up of a cab bill usually expect.

2. Arriving in Jakarta

Soekarno-Hatta airport is 20 km west of the city center. Buses shuttle into the city every 15 to 30 minutes and cost Rp. 30,000, but most travelers will take a taxi direct to their destination. Ignore the clamor of touts at the exit and head straight to the Bluebird taxi rank: it’s the safest and most reliable of the many cab firms. The journey into the city will cost around Rp 250,000 and take around an hour, depending on the traffic.

3. Transportation

Jakarta is huge, and the need to use public transport is high. There is a new monorail system (Jakarta Monorail) in use to the more colorful and touristy parts of town, as well as a relatively recent bus network. All districts are served by bus with dedicated lines, while minibusses take in localized routes. Also, trains run to Ancol from downtown Jakarta, and motorized rickshaws (Bajaj) and metered taxis are also on hand.

Hotel shuttles are the best bet for transfers from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) if indeed your hotel has one. Taxis are a little tougher to negotiate, but there are a useful limousine desk and a desk for ordinary taxis at the airport. There is also an airport shuttle bus to select downtown destinations and cheaper DAMRI shuttle buses.

4. Require an official Taxi

Still about a cab. Once you are in the city and for example you need to go out in the evening; I also suggest you take Blue Bird taxi if you need a ride. Make sure they use the meter (even they usually always turn on the meter, but also checking right). Write their ID and the number of the car in your note just in case you leave your stuff; you can easily call the company and tell them your condition, and ask the driver whether he knows the place you are going or not.

5. Weather

Jakarta’s proximity to the equator means that it remains hot year round, with little deviation in the seasonal sense. The monsoon season goes from October to February and is particularly wet, while June through September is boiling and the best time to visit is between March and June.

6. Be careful when passing the Road

I also don’t understand, since when our city is a place that full of vehicles! The worse ones are motorcycles. They can be everywhere! (Pedestrian, Bridge or may be behind you) So be careful when passing the street.

Note: For your information, we do have a bridge to cross the road, but in some areas, there is no particular place to crossing the street, so you need to wave your hand asking the way to pass or just wait until there is less of the vehicle then run.

7. Try local food

Indonesian food is delicious and cheap! If you are visiting Jakarta, you need to try it. If you don’t know where to find the best restaurant, check out the internet to search for the best place to eat close to your hotel. You can also visit one of the local night markets. It is an excellent choice for everyone that enjoys experiencing the local culture. The favorite Indonesian food is Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Gorengan (everything that is frying). Fried food may not be the healthiest choice, but it is delicious.

8. Changing money

It is better to change money at the airport or official money changer. There are lots of official money changer in the city center or mall. Otherwise, it is better to take money from your ATM. Be careful when you carry your money. It is actually should be done in everywhere you go. But counting money in the street is not recommended and if you take your “one shoulder bag” and wanna walk in the street, make sure that your hand is always touching the bag. Another tip from me is, if you are walking and the street is on your right, put your suitcase on your left vice versa. It is to make sure that someone won’t be able to take it away during your walk.

9. Purchase local SIM card

Jakarta is an enormous and crowded city, so it may be sometimes difficult for you to get around. If you buy a local SIM card, it will solve all your problems. Having access to the Internet all the time will help you with everything. You can use Google Translate to ask about something local people that don’t speak English. You can also use navigation if you don’t know where to go or you get lost. And the most important- you can easily communicate with local people by phone.

10. Bring the copy of your ID or Passport.

I know for the traveler, a passport is their life. For me as well. So my strategy is to bring the copy of my passport everywhere I go (in another country). Keep your original passport in safe place. At least, once someone is asking your id, you can show the copy. Plus, take a picture of your passport. You never know that probably you will miss the copy somewhere.

I hope an article about Jakarta Travel Tips can help you during your holiday in Jakarta which is the capital of Indonesia.

Enjoy Jakarta and Have Fun!

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